Friday, June 27, 2014


If you will continue cooking inantala it will become chicharon

Inantala is an Ilokano dish, popular as pasalubong from Nueva Ecija. It is called "inantala" because you delayed the process of chicharon. Inantala can be kept in a refrigerator for few months and you can fry it anytime to make into chicharon. Fresh Chicharon all the time :-).

1/2 Kilo Pork Skin ( slice to your desired size)
2 litres oil
salt to taste

1. Sprinkle the pork skin with salt then heat the oil, when it's hot put the pork skin and stir then remove quickly.
2. Wait until the oil is hot again then put the pork skin and stir, when it floats, lower the heat ( the lowest that you can) then wait until the pork skin will settle at the bottom of the pan or pot.

3. When the pork skin already settled, increase the heat to medium then stir and wait until the pork skin floats again, once floated, lower the heat and wait until it settles at the bottom, do this process around 4 times.

4. After few times of repeating you will notice that the texture changed into something like "chicharon" when we reached that stage that's it! Remove from oil and let cool, you can keep it and fry  it anytime you want to eat chicharon this is really delicious.
Inantala with fats and meat


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