Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pinaupong Manok

Pinaupong Manok is a whole chicken cooked in a sitting position, there are various ways of cooking it.  I tried one today and it's good and delicious. Try it.

1 whole chicken ( around 2 kilos) you can choose the size of the chicken that you will use
1 teaspoon chili flakes (optional)
3 tablespoon calamansi or lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoon butter
1 can softdrink ( your choice)
2 cloves garlic ( crushed)

1. Sprinkle the juice on the chicken,then rub it with chili flakes, salt and pepper.
2. Remove half of the Coke content then put the garlic and butter inside the can, insert the can at the lower opening of the chicken and set it in a sitting position.
3. Put in the pre-heated oven at 180C and cook for 1 hour or until done.
4. Serve and enjoy :-).

Note: Smaller chicken is faster to cook. So reduce the time when you use a smaller chicken.


  1. Hello po :) I'm just wondering pangpa-ano po yung soft drinks? What does it do to the chicken? Mag-evaporate po ba yun once niluto sa oven? :) thank you po. Sorry po dami ko question.

  2. bottled soft drink tapos naging can ......

  3. @ Anonymous, ang sofdrink ay nakakapagdagdag aroma and flavor inside the chicken, dahil sa steam nya habang bini-bake

  4. Ia it safe na ilagay ang can sa loob ng oven?

  5. sa palagay ko ang pinaupong manok eh hnd sa oven niluluto...niluluto ito in a pot with a layer of salt sa bottom taz dun ipapaupo(not literally ipapaupo) ung chicken then slowly cooked in low heat...the one mentioned here is, i think, roasted chicken...

    1. yup u r rite about ur rcipe.. he is talking about roasted chix..

  6. It says here "2. Remove half of the Coke content then put the garlic and butter, insert the can at the lower opening of the chicken and set it in a sitting position."
    Question: Saan po ilalagay yung garlic and butter? Sa chicken po ba, sa loob po ba ng chicken, sa labas po ba? or isasama sa coke? Medyo bitin at malabo po yung instructions. Salamat po. 😊

  7. @ sherwin, opo ganyan po noong mga panahon na di pa uso ang oven, nagtry lang ako ng aking version ng pinaupong manok.

    @ anonymous sa loob ng coke ilalagay. Sorry kung malabo ang instruction.

  8. ...elow po ask ko lang if ung can ilalagay ba sa loob ng tiyan ng manok...? Thanks

  9. safe po ba ilagay ang softdrinks sa loob ng oven..tnx

  10. where do you put the sitted chicken on a baking dish to catch the drip?..i posted a question earlier but i don't know what happened..if this is a repetition i apologize

  11. pano po nyo na maintain na nakaupo ung manok? nabalance po ba nung can? or may nilagay sa mga gilid?

  12. Do you have to open the soft drink can entirely then sit the chicken?


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