Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pickled Eggs

"Fed up with your usual and normal routine of preparing eggs for family & guests?
Want something new to go in between:
sunny side up (or some call it red-up),
plain salted-scrambled, omelletes, over easy or poached?
Worry no more.
Get down and do this original simple innovation of mine...pickled eggs.
Kids will love its sweet bite-full aspect.
Once done ref them for months in its own pickling solution and withdraw as needed". Take this from the ingredients' specialist.

1 dozen hard boiled eggs de-shelled. Set aside.
500 ml. tap water (NEVER USE PREPARED STOCK. Don't let flavor of stock mess up with your eggs)
200 ml. cane vinegar
80 ml. ginger juice
150 grams refined white sugar
80 grams refined salt
8 grams garlic powder
8 grams onion powder
3 grams ground black pepper

4 grams ground Spanish paprika (this gives extra exotic taste & light red color to end products)
10 ml. anisado wine (readily available at your nearest oriental store)

1. in a suited glass jar, combine all ingredients and mix-tumble well until no lumps are visible. Adjust taste to your preference.
Add in sugar or vinegar or salt. Salty-sweet-sour taste must be evident.
2. add in eggs. Stir a bit.
3. shelve unto ref (DO NOT FREEZE)
4. ready to be enjoyed after 3 days. The longer eggs are pickled in ref the tastier they become.

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Contributed by: Mr. Jose Dante S. Morados


  1. Hi Mely, got totally interested of this recipe but it should have been easier if your " grams" have been converted to ml.'s - oz? Unfortunately I don't use weighting scale that's why I prefer the ml & oz. instead.
    Appreciate your attention regarding this matter.
    God Bless...


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