Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Liemp-Chon ( Liempo Lechon)

Let's try this delicious food  innovation from the ingredients specialist.

2 kilos of fully cleaned skin-on, rectangular pork belly (“liempo”)
 1 piece large garlic bulb, de-skinned, pounded
1 large white or red onion, quartered
3 pieces cut into 2 inches “tanglad” (Filipino lemongrass)
25 grams fine salt
5 grams ground black pepper
10ml. soy sauce
15 ml. Extra virgin olive oil
thick thread for tying
meat thermometer

1.    Score and slit lean, skin & fat parts of the belly.
2.    Pour in all ingredients unto blender and blend/mix until paste.
3.    Rub inside slits and all parts of meat plus the inside
to effect full flavor absorption.
4.    With left over marinade, lay flat belly (lean part side down)
and marinate for 2 hours inside ref. (DO NOT FREEZE)
5.    Tumble and turn every 30 minutes.
6.    Pouring all marinade left over inside the meat, roll and tie as in picture.
7.    Pour tap water 1/2 of pan.
This will serve as moisturizer to heated meat and as dripping medium.
8.    Pre-heat oven to 350 deg.F then, on top of pan (in a wire rack)
sear belly for 30 minutes.
9.    Lower temp to 250 deg.F and cook further for 1 more hour & 30 minutes
(or longer as you wish-adding water to pan as need be)
until internal temp reaches 140 deg. F for medium rare,
150 deg. F for medium,
155 deg. F for medium well
& 160-165 deg. F for well done.
But fate has not been kind in this instance of  my cooking endevour…
the string got burned and loosen off midway.
Thereby...I got crackling skin (like Chicharon), crispy reddish-brown rind
resembling that of a real charcoal-cooked Lechon
AND a very tasty, juicy and ultra tender inside.
10. Serve.
Best with “suka’t bawang” (garlic-vinegar dip)

Click the link for the original post and read why he cooked this.

Contributed by: Mr. Jose Dante S. Morados

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