Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pandan Gulaman Drink

An aromatic refreshing drink that will really quench your thirst.

Ingredients for 5 litres:
1 sachet red unflavored gelatine
1 sachet green unflavored gelatine
15 pandan leaves
1/4 kilo sugar (add if needed)
4 litre water

1. Combine the 2 sachet of gelatine then cook according to its packaging procedure, refrigerate to harden then slice into dice or small cubes.
2. Put the water in a pot together with the pandan leaves and boil for 30 minutes or until the pandan essence will be extracted. Remove the pandan leaves. Let cool.
3. Caramelized the sugar then add 4 cups of pandan water (from the boiled pandan leaves) let boil until the sugar is fully dissolved. Let cool.
4. When everything has been cooled, combine together ( make sure it's not hot or else the gulaman/gelatine will be dissolved). Put ice as needed.
5 Serve and enjoy! :-)

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