Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Make a Perfect Caramel for Leche Flan

This is the Mely's kitchen way of making a perfect caramel for leche flan, I always do like this and the result is always perfect!

Either you are using the oval leche flan molder or this one with a hole in the middle, do the same procedure.

1.Put the sugar in the molder.

2. Melt over medium heat. Sometimes the other side of the burner is too hot making that side of the sugar melt quickly while the other side is still not melted, if this happen, you can change the position of the molder, to melt the sugar evenly.

3. When it is melted, it is up to you if you want it light colored remove from the heat, or if you want darker caramel, let it continue to melt until the desired color of the caramel is reached. Let cool.

light colored

dark colored

The results:

Light caramel

Dark Caramel

Note: If you will caramelized with water, just put the water and sugar together then do the same procedure.

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