Friday, October 11, 2013

Ginataang Talbos ng Sayote

Maybe this dish is unusual to you, but I can say that this is very yummy and full of fiber, therefore it is good for our digestion, have some and see the result :-). I used one whole grated coconut for this recipe.

1/2 kilo talbos ng sayote
1/4 kilo shrimps (de-shelled and cleaned)
1/2 cup thick coconut milk ( kakang gata)
1 1/2 thin coconut milk ( ikalawang piga)
1/2 onion
1 cloves garlic
thumb size Ginger
Cleaned talbos ng sayote

1. In a pot put the thin coconut milk, shrimps, ginger, onion and salt the bring to a boil stirring constantly.

2. Once boiling add the sayote tops and stir until fully coated with the coconut milk then simmer until cooked.
3. Add the thick coconut milk and simmer until done. Serve it hot.

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