Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pancit with Shrimps

I discovered lately how to make my pancit tasty, by boiling it first and drained fully, ( just like instant pancit canton). This way no need to add a lot of water that will affect the taste of the entire dish.

1/2 kilo pancit  ( egg noodles) Boiled and drained
300 grams shrimps
1 sayote ( sliced into strips)
1 carrot (sliced into strips)
1 onion
1 cup water
3 cloves garlic
salt and pepper to taste

1. Saute the garlic and onion then add the shrimps and simmer for a minute then add the water,, enough salt and pepper then simmer.
2. Add the carrot and sayote then simmer until almost cooked.
3. Add the pre-cooked pancit then mix well and stir until fully cooked.
4. Turn off the heat then serve it hot with green onion or any toppings that you like to put.


  1. Wow! I was just telling my co-worker yesterday that I am craving for "pansit". And now, here it is - I just need to cook mine, right? Hehe :)

  2. Cooked this pancit for dinner today. Since my kids do not like shrimutps, i replaced it with 300 gms of chicken breast. I made the unfortunate mistake of mixing noodles n vegies and needed to wait to serve since my son ran late coming home. Noodles got too dry but kids said it was still delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

    1. You are welcome, and I admired your idea in cooking,


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