Monday, October 8, 2012

Sushi Pinoy Version

This is my Pinoy version of sushi made with mango and some vegetables. Very delicious.

2 cups cooked sushi rice
1 cucumber ( cut into long strips)
1 ripe mango ( cut into long strips)
1 carrot ( cut into long strips)
toasted black sesame seeds
nori seaweeds

1. Place the seaweed over the sushi mat.
2. Put the rice and flatten evenly then put the strips carrot, cucumber and mango.
3. Roll it until the roll is firm and done.
4. Slice into serving pieces, then sprinkle with black sesame seeds and serve with sushi sauce.

Here is how to cook the sushi rice:
1. Wash 3 cups of sushi rice then put water, sushi vinegar and sugar let it boil and cook like the normal rice that we eat during our meals.
2. When the rice is cooked let it cool, then prepare other sushi ingredients.
if sushi rice is not available just mix 2 cups of glutinous rice with 3/4 cup of normal rice.


  1. Hm...sushi. I am looking forward to eating some soon :).

  2. i wish you could taste my sushi :(

  3. Delivery, delivery, delivery!!! hehe

  4. How much sushi vinegar and how much sugar needed for that sushi rice?

  5. Saan po makakabili ng seaweed at sushi mat?


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