Monday, June 4, 2012

Grilled Skipjack Tuna ( Inihaw na Tulingan)

Grilling is one of the convenient way of cooking ( for me :-)) because you will just leave it there for 8 minutes or depends upon how high the heat you are using or if you are using charcoal, then you can check to turn the other side. When I went to the market I saw skipjack tuna ( tulingan) I grabbed the opportunity to buy it because it is very rare in the market to have this kind of fish. I knew this fish is good for grilling because when I was in Davao City, Philippines my sister grilled this most of the time which we enjoyed eating. Simple and easy to do. Have fun grilling.:-)

2 regular size skipjack tuna ( tulingan)
1 lime ( juiced)
salt and pepper

1. Clean the fish properly then slit it to absorbed the lime.
2. Put the lime juice, salt and pepper before grilling.
 3. Make sure that the grilling rack is very hot before putting the fish so that it won't stick.
4. When grilling is done serve it hot and garnish it with your favorite vegetables. Enjoy your food :-)

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