Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Banana Pop

I've got the idea of this Banana pop from the internet. This is very good for children's party, I am sure that the kids will love it as well as the adults. It is very easy and simple to make. All we need are these,

1 chocolate bar ( melted in a pan with 1 tablespoon butter) or you can use chocolate fondue
4 big bananas ( cut into 3 each)
12 bamboo sticks
candy granules for coating ( you can use other coatings to make it more colorful, like choco granules, crushed peanuts, etc.)

1. First we need to put the banana on the sticks and put it in the freezer for an hour, this is very important to make the banana firm on the stick and will not be loosen when we dip it in the chocolate.

2. After an hour, dip each banana in a melted chocolate.

3. Then coat each with the candy granules.

4. Repeat the same procedure until you finish coating all the banana on the sticks.
5. After you finish refrigerate it then serve the banana pops!


  1. is the chocolate bar unsweetened or semi sweet?thank u

  2. I used sweetened, but you can use the kind of chocolate that you like,


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