Sunday, February 5, 2012

Banana Split

From the banana ice cream that I made the other day,  I came up with this idea. The original banana split was made with 3 different flavored ice cream, ( vanilla, strawberry and chocolate) but nowadays banana split comes in many variation. This is my version of it. Before i will share my recipe I just wanna share my experienced when I was in Thailand I ordered banana split and I was surprised that the banana was serve whole, it is called banana split because the whole banana has been sliced lengthwise then arranged properly in both sides of the bowl and scoops of ice cream were put in the middle of split banana.

Ice Cream
Banana cut into halves
whipped cream

1.In a bowl that we called boat, put the split banana on both sides.
2. Then scoop the ice cream and put in the middle of split banana
3. Topped with whipped cream and other sweets decoration that you like.

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  1. Pano po ma ensure na hindi madidiscolor yung banana? Nag nababalatan at naslice yung banana nagiging brown di po ba. Salamat. Nice and very informative site. Thank you


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