Thursday, January 26, 2012


Nilagpang or linagpang  is a popular Ilonggo Dish, in Visayas region of the Philippines where this recipe originated this is always a very special treat for the whole family. There is even a novelty song about this dish sang by the late Yoyoy Villame. "Nilagpang ko nga turagsoy sa sabaw naglangoy langoy" :D that's all I can remember. The original recipe consist of grilled mud fish. My Dad who is an Ilonggo made this everytime he caught mud fish (dalag). I hope you will like this recipe :-)

1/4 kilo fish  ( fried)I used tuna for this recipe but you can use any kind of fish that you like.
1 onion (sliced thinly)
2 tomatoes ( sliced thinly)
salt and pepper to taste
chili pepper
2 stalks spring onion ( minced)
1 small bitter melon (ampalaya)
 boiling water
Optional (you can add fish sauce )

1. In a big mixing bowl, put all the ingredients except the boiling water.

2. Then pour in the boiling water that is enough to cover all the ingredients and serve it.

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