Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thai Fried Chicken

I missed the days when I was in Bangkok, Thailand. Walking along the streets, passing along food booths, smelling the aroma from their cooking, sometimes I even sneeze when I breathed the peppery smell in the air. Mmmmmm it tempted my taste buds to eat something, since I'm hungry from my work, I do not want to cook when I arrive at my place so I always buy something to eat before heading home and most of the time I have the thai fried chicken because I liked the crispy garlic on it. They use the middle part of the chicken wings for this, 10 thai baht is enough for me, munching the fried chicken while I am walking, until I reached my destination. ( around 15 minutes walk) :-). Here is the recipe for it.

1/2 kilo chicken
1/4 cup fish sauce (patis)
juice from 1 lemon or 4 calamansi
 1/4 teaspoon Mono sodium glutamate ( vetsin)
5 cloves garlic (crushed)

1. Toast the garlic and set aside
2. In a bowl mix the chicken, fish sauce, lemon juice and vetsin set aside for an hour
3. Deep fried until golden brown
4. Serve it hot and sprinkled with toasted garlic.

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