Saturday, November 26, 2011

Food decoration 2

I am not good at this, but I just wanna share, so that you can get an idea for your gatherings just in case you want to have a little decoration for your food presentation. This apple swan will add attraction to your food. Here is how to do it.
First we need an apple.

Then cut a small portion to make it steady when we put it.
then cut 2 equal parts on both side living a space on top center side, as shown in the photo below

From the left side that we cut, we will cut 3 intersections from it, from small, smaller and smallest intersections, this will serve as a wing

Do the same at  the right side

then from the small part that we cut from the very beginning , form the neck and head part of the swan.

it will be like this or better:-)
then, we will push the left and right side to form as a wing and put the head using a toothpick, cut a little portion from the seed and use it as an eye for the head , here is our swan now, ready to add life to your food presentation.
You can now decorate your plates of food with this cute swan :-)
I hope you like it even if my creation is not perfect, at least you can get idea from it. :-)

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