Thursday, October 27, 2011

Food decoration 3

Last time, I posted about how to make a flower from a carrot and cucumber ruban slices, now I am going to share how to make a rose from tomato skin. Yes! From tomato skin! It is very easy but unique.
First we need a tomato
Then we need to cut the top part of the tomato but we  leave a little part still attached
From that point , we will start  peeling the tomato, until we reach the bottom part

After we removed the tomato skin, from the bottom part, we will start to roll it like this
Just keep on rolling until we finish forming a flower, like these

big rose

small rose
I hope that you like this food decoration, the next time you serve salad to your loved ones, use this as a decoration and I am sure that they will like it. :-) Have fun!

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