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Empanada recipe was first published in Latin language cookbook in 1520. It originated in Spain and Portugal and became a popular dish in Latin America and some other countries. Each country has its own way of serving  the dish and has its own filling. I will share the South American way. I learned this from Marina ( my Argentinian friend).

10 empanada wrapper( I bought the ready to use at the market)
1/4 kilo pork
3 pieces hotdog ( small diced)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
1 small onion (minced)
2 hard boiled eggs

1. Saute garlic and onion, add the ground pork
2. Simmer for few minutes then add the hotdog and simmer until it is cooked. Set aside and let it cool.
3. Chopped the eggs and mix with the beef mixture. Mix well.

4. In the empanada wrapper put the filling as shown in the picture above then flip the other side of the wrapper and sealed it by pressing it with a fork.

5. In a pan heat the oil, and deep fry the empanada until it’s done.
6. Serve it with your favorite drinks.

Recipe for the wrapper
3 cups all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons oil or olive oii
1 cup of warm water (about 250 ml)
1 level teaspoon of salt

Place the flour in a bowl add the warm water and the oil slowly then stir the salt and mix well.
Knead the dough until it is very firm then leave it for 45 minutes to rise.
Flatten the dough with a rolling pin until you reach the desired thickness of the wrapper.
Fill the dough with the filling then fry.


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  1. Hi Miss Mel, since I stumbled on your blog I've been a follower ever since. Andali ng mga recipes, ang tagal ko na naghanap ng empanada wrapper recipe but ngayon ko lng nakita ang pinakasimple at affordable sa lahat. Maraming salamat, ittry ko soon.


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